In order for your product to qualify for submission, it must be 

  • Built using Snap Kit
  • Built during the period of the Snap Kit Makers Festival
  • You must have registered here before 11pm PT 31st October
  • You must submit your product here before 11pm PT on the 14th of November

Registration, and your First Snap Kit App

When you create your first Snap Kit app, restricted-use developer keys are available for testing. You can use these keys to test the app with any of the “Demo Users” you define in your Snap Kit App Portal. You should be able to take a video demo of your app using one of the Demo Users and submit it to the Makers Festival with a description for judging.

The requirements for the contest submissions include a video (or a screen recording) and description, along with your app ID. A fully reviewed, production app is not required for an entry to win. However, winning entries should comply with the Snap Kit App Review Guidelines and (if they use Bitmoji Kit) the Bitmoji Guidelines.

When you are finished with your app, you can click “Submit for App Review” to request that the Production keys be permissioned for use. Make sure that you submit your App ID when you submit your entry for the Maker’s Festival, and if you write to Snap Kit Support, please include “PH Maker’s Festival: [YOUR APP NAME]” in the subject line.

Advice for a Successful Festival Experience

Plan your integration early, in accordance with the App Review Guidelines.

If you’ve got an awesome idea and you want to know if it will pass App Review, please reach out to us on the Snap Kit Makers Festival Forums.

Avoid certain categories.

There are a few categories that take longer to pass app review, and some which are not allowed at all. If you’re looking to create a winning app as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to avoid building an app that:

  • Matches users based on age. Examples include: dating apps that screen and match users based on their age.
  • Involves anonymous Q&A. Examples include: apps which hide the user’s identity when questions are posed.
  • Involves regulated industries. Regulated industries include gaming, so it is a good idea to avoid creating apps that involve placing bets.
  • Leans on Snapchat’s branding or assets. We like when awesome app speaks for itself! Do your best to avoid copying Snapchat’s branding, and let your app’s unique style shine through.
  • Encourages unkindness against the Snap philosophy of Kind, Smart, and Creative. If we think people are going to be really mean on your app, it will be hard for us to let it win a contest.
  • Involves copyrighted music / musical artists. These kinds of apps are difficult to get through app review.

If you’re using Bitmoji Kit, check out this helpful Bitmoji checklist.

Submitting your App for Snap Kit App Review

Again, you aren’t required to have an app that completes app review to be considered to win the contest. That being said, if you’ve made a high-quality app that sticks by the App Review Guidelines, we would be thrilled to help you get your app live for as many people as possible during the judging phase.

You can increase the chance that your app will be cleared by the judging phase with a few simple actions.

Read the app review guidelines. Check out our app review guidelines. If you’re thinking about using Bitmoji, check out the Bitmoji guidelines as well.

Ask us about your idea. We’ll be on the Snap Kit Makers Festival forums. Please ask us questions about what may or may not pass App Review.

Submit Early. Complete and submit your app as early as possible. Some apps can take a few weeks to clear app review.

Let us know you’re a part of the Makers Festival. When you submit your app, make sure that you:

  • Add “Product Hunt Makers Festival” to your description
  • Confirm that the App ID of the app you are submitting is the same as the App ID of your contest submission. (If you need to change this, please contact the Product Hunt support team.)
  • If your app is rejected, and next steps are unclear, immediately write into support with subj line “PH Makers Festival: [YOUR APP NAME]” and any questions you have

We can't wait to see what you build! 

*Winners will be chosen by the Product Hunt community alongside our team and the Snap team. Winners will be announced on November 26th right here in the Product Hunt newsletter 🙌
**Participants cannot be employees or family of employees of Product Hunt, AngelList or Snap Inc.
***Snap Inc. and its Affiliates are not sponsors of this Contest and disclaim any and all liability arising out of or related to the Contest.
****Snap will provide a grand prize to the Organizer (Product Hunt) who will deliver to the grand winner. Approximate retail value of the prize is between USD$400 and USD$800. All taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.

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