In order for your product to qualify for submission, it must be 

  • Built using the Product Hunt API v2 
  • Built during the period of the Makers Festival
  • You must have registered here before 11pm PT May 26th
  • You must submit your product here before 11pm PT on the 14th of June

To be granted write access you must

When requesting access you must explain what the product is and what exactly you will be using write access for. 

Guidelines surrounding write access 

  • We reserve the right to revoke write access anytime if we feel an app is unfairly using it
  • Any product that is exploiting any part of Product Hunt unfairly will be disqualified from the Festival and API access will be removed

Some examples of things not allowed: 

  • Spam bots
  • Up-vote bots 
  • Mass messaging bots

You can view the wider terms of service here if you have any other doubts.

*Winners will be chosen by the Product Hunt community with our team, and the winners will be announced on June 25th right here in the Product Hunt newsletter 🙌
**Participants cannot be employees or family of employees of Product Hunt or AngelList 

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