The Product Hunt Upvote in Intercom Messenger is a great way to showcase your Product Hunt post from within the Intercom Messenger interface. Installation is simple, too – here's how to get started:

1. Access the Intercom Messenger App Store, available on the sidebar of your Intercom app.

2. Find the Product Hunt Upvote app, either in the app directory listing, or by searching "Product Hunt Upvote".

3. Click "Install now" to begin installing the app.

4. The Product Hunt Upvote app will require logging in to your Intercom account to complete the installation process – the application requires access to gather data via the Messenger App, and access to a single admin account to confirm that the application has been successfully authenticated. 

Now that you've installed the application, you can get started by selecting the Product Hunt post you want to display in Intercom Messenger:

1. Select the "Product Hunt Upvote" app in the Messenger apps list.

3. Enter your Product Hunt URL. Note that this is the full URL (e.g., not "ship-by-product-hunt").

4. Your Product Hunt post will also be available in the Messenger home screen, whenever visitors click the Intercom widget on your website. 

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