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Getting started with Ship
Getting started with Ship
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Ship is a suite of tools to help makers and startups build awesome products and engage with their audience.

You can use Ship at any stage of building a product: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. 

You can sign up for Ship here.

Once you've selected a plan, you can begin setting up your first Upcoming Page.

First, select the 'Ship' option at the top of the homepage.

From this page, you'll see a list of your Upcoming Products as well as the option to create a new Upcoming Page.

Select the 'Create New' option.

Now, we'll begin filling in the information for the Upcoming Page.

Title: This should only include the name of the product. You'll be able to describe it further later on.

Tagline: Describe your project in 60 characters or less. Try to use simple words and avoid overly clever slogans.

Topics: Include the topics that best fit your product. Too many topics can be confusing.

Hiring: You can select to show whether or not you are currently hiring.

Next, we'll provide some information about you, the maker, and give a more in-depth description of the product. On this page, we will also provide images and the look of the Upcoming Page.

Who: Describe who you are in 60 characters or less.

e.g. Hi, I'm Jake Crump - Community Team with Product Hunt

What: Describe your product in 200 characters or less. It's best to keep things simple and straightforward.

Why: Explain why someone should subscribe to the Upcoming Page.

e.g. Get early access before we launch on Product Hunt...

Logo: This will appear in the top left corner of your Upcoming Page.

The dimensions for the logo are - max width: 200px, max height: 100px. It will also need to be under 3MB.

Brand colors: Select your primary and secondary brand colors for your Upcoming Page.

Background Image: You can upload your own image or use one provided by Unsplash.

Thumbnail: This will appear in the list of Upcoming Products if you have Pro or Super Pro and select the Promoted option.

Template: We have 3 templates available to choose from. You can see examples below:



Split Screen:

Thank You: This message will appear to users after they have subscribed to your Upcoming Page.

Links: You can add links to your website, app (on the App Store and Play Store), Twitter, Facebook, AngelList, and your privacy policy.

Status: If you have Pro or Super Pro, you can select the Promoted option. If you have the Basic plan, or if you're not ready for your Upcoming Page to be promoted, you can select Unlisted.

Next, you'll be able to get the code for the Widget. You can add it to any page you'd like to.

You can also customize the teaser message for the Widget.

On the final step, you can import subscribers. You can see an example CSV by selecting this option:

You can now view your brand new Upcoming Page 🎉

If you'd like to make any further edits or updates to your page, you can do so by selecting the 'Edit Page' option at the top right of the page while viewing your Upcoming Page.

You'll see a pop-out menu with options to change any of the options previously shown for your Upcoming Page.

Make a change, select 'Save', and watch your Upcoming Page update immediately.

Have further questions? Feel free to contact us.

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