As part of our mission to empower makers, we envision our Stories blog to be a place where you can dive deeper into learning from your peer community and share what you’ve learned, too.

That’s why we’re opening up the blog to makers and hunters to share their expertise, learnings, and stories.

What we want to hear (for example):

Your learnings. Tell us about when...

  • You tried something and failed/succeeded (preferably with numbers)

  • You raised money and learned what went right/wrong

  • You bootstrapped your way out of a tough spot

Your experiences. Tell us about how...

  • You collaborated with someone else in the community

  • You raised that funding

  • You have a crazy story that will make us go 🤯

Your expertise. Show us...

  • Your system or process for [fill in the blank]

  • The steps and tips you have from all your experience with [fill in the bank]

What not to send us:

  • A new product you launched (Need tips on launch? Go here.)

  • New features on a product you launched. (Sames as ☝️)

What to send us when you’re ready:

Pitch: Have an idea for an article? Tell us about it. We’ll tell you if we’re interested in publishing the full article.

  • 1-3 sentences on the story/angle

  • Tweet or thread with a supporting sentence OK too

Article: Got an article ready to go? We’re happy to read it and will let you know if it’s a good fit.

  • The article

  • Your name and job title

  • A sample headline

  • A 1-2 sentence description of the story's angle

  • Your Twitter handle or Product Hunt profile, if you have one

  • Photo(s) with a minimum height of 600px

Ready to share your article or pitch? Fill out this form.

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