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Can I re-post a product that's already been posted?
Can I re-post a product that's already been posted?
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❗Having a re-post approved does not guarantee it will be featured on the homepage

In order to monitor quality, we have a guideline asking Makers to wait at least six months in between posts for the same product or from the same company. Along with a six-month period, there also needs to be a significant update to the product. A significant launch might be a new mobile app or a complete product redesign with new functionality. New UIs, pricing plan changes, etc. are not considered significant updates.

Our users want to see significant updates to products that have previously appeared in their feed, so they’re not being overwhelmed by minor updates. We will only consider product updates if they serve a substantially different use case or user. If a maker has several products to post in a short amount of time, it is best to combine them into one post.

This guideline is based on feedback we have received from our community over the years, and it ensures all makers have a better shot at being seen. We always consider whether or not a post represents a significant update, but there is additional scrutiny if you post before six months have elapsed since your last post.

If you are unsure whether or not your post qualifies, email us at to discuss before you start to put in the work to create your post.

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