What is Hyper?

Hyper is a new kind of early-stage venture firm powered by community and distribution, inspired by the awesome community of makers and early adopters at Product Hunt.

Hyper is special because its investments are about a lot more than just money — it provides startups with the things they need most in today’s tech ecosystem: a great mentorship program, a helpful community, and unique distribution partnerships. And what makes Hyper really interesting is how it plans to reinvest fund profits back into the ecosystem which will enable it to build more partnerships and double down on support of Hyper companies.

Hyper will be investing in about twenty-five companies four times per year, with the first group starting its 8-week founder program on September 10, 2021.

How does Hyper work?

Hyper invests $300,000 each in a small number of companies four times per year. The number of companies is intentionally small so Hyper can provide hands-on, intimate help.

Each company gets access to an 8-week-long founder program and Hyper’s special partners — which are some of the best people and companies to help with community, distribution, mentorship, and fundraising: the things modern startups need to succeed.

Hyper partners include Andreessen Horowitz, AngelList, Product Hunt (of course), Sequoia Capital, and the Twenty Minute VC Podcast, just to name a few.

What is the relationship between Product Hunt and Hyper?

You can think of Hyper as Product Hunt’s sister company — there’s a strong bond between the two that will become even stronger over time. They’ll grow and evolve together, with the same mission of helping makers make great stuff.

Product Hunt has always been the heart of the maker movement, helping countless companies find their first audiences — including startups like Notion, Airtable, Zoom, and Slack. With Hyper we want to help even more makers find success.

What type of companies can apply for Hyper?

Hyper welcomes founders from around the world to apply to the program. Hyper believes that every company (B2B or B2C) needs access to distribution channels to find customers, users, and talented employees to join their teams.

Hyper works with early-stage companies at three key junctures in a startup's journey:

  • Initial customer acquisition and validation (often at the pre-Seed stage)

  • First product/company launch and hiring (often at the Seed stage)

  • Scaling customer acquisition and fundraising (before the Series A)

Founders who go through the program will remain a part of the tight-knit Hyper founder community long after Hyper’s investment.

Do I need to have launched on Product Hunt to apply for Hyper?

Companies do not need to have launched on Product Hunt (yet!) to apply for Hyper.

How can I get involved in Hyper?

You can apply to be part of Hyper’s Fall season starting today (July 20, 2021). The application is here: apply.hyper.com. If you’re a founder, or if you're thinking of starting a company, you should apply by midnight PT on August 10.

If you have any questions, send an email to us at team@hyper.com. To keep up with Hyper and our thoughts about distribution and community, enter your email address here: hyper.com/#news.

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