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How to Post: Main Info
How to Post: Main Info
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This is the main info regarding the product. You can see tips and suggestions for each section below:

  • URL - This is the main URL for the product. It's best to use the main website URL. We suggest not info/about/etc. links. If you have app store links, you can add those as additional links.

  • Title - Only the product's name, no description or emojis (unless it is a part of the name) here. Please avoid '-' followed by a tagline or subtitle.

  • Tagline - A short catch description of the product. It's best to avoid catchphrases or slogans. The idea is to quickly tell users what the product is and what it does.

  • Description - This is where you can give a more in-depth explanation of what the product is and/or what it does within 260 characters.

  • Status - If the product is still in beta, or not fully released yet, you can select the option to indicate that it is Pre-Launch. Otherwise, you can select that it is Available Now.

You can find additional information here:

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