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How to Post: Team
How to Post: Team
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Product Hunt is all about person to person interactions and showcasing the people behind the products. This is where you can show off who worked on the product and start a conversation with the community.

  • Hunter - Whoever is creating the post will be listed as the Hunter of the post. Feel free to post your own product! It's not necessary to have someone else post it for you. In fact, posting it yourself gives you full control over the launch.

  • Maker - You can select the option to include yourself as a maker during the posting process. Be sure to add the Makers of the product by adding their Product Hunt username so they can join the conversation!

  • First comment - Be sure to kick off the conversation with a comment about the product! If you're looking for specific feedback or interesting in hearing from the community about a certain element of your product, this is a good time to bring it up!

Please note: The Hunter's followers do not receive e-mail notifications of the post. They used to, but they have not for several years now. The Maker's followers will receive an e-mail notification if the post ends up on the homepage.

You can find additional information here:

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