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What badges can I earn on Product Hunt?
What badges can I earn on Product Hunt?
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There are a few badges that you can earn on Product Hunt to celebrate achievements you unlock and acknowledge the value you add to the community.

Top product

The community loved the product you posted.


You were among the first to support popular products.


You were there at Product Hunt’s beginnings.

Buddy system

You replied to comments from new community members.


The community liked several of your comments.

Thought leader

People enjoyed the discussions you've created


You upvoted a product for the first time

Where can I see the badges that I've earned?

You'll be notified via email when you earn a badge, and your badges will show up in your profile!

You may notice some badges in other people's profiles that aren't listed above. Sometimes badges are awarded for one-time opportunities, like in-person meetups, beta-testing opportunities, and there might just be a few secret badges too. 😉

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