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What’s next for Ship?
What’s next for Ship?
Written by Jake Crump
Updated over a week ago

As of 12/2/22 we are no longer accepting new sign-ups for Ship.

Why are you preventing new users from signing up?

With the introduction of Product Hubs comes an opportunity to build out maker tools in one place, including some existing Ship features. As we evaluate our next steps, we are no longer accepting new sign-ups for Ship but will continue supporting existing users.

How do I manage my existing upcoming page(s)?

Existing Ship users can continue managing their upcoming page(s) by using the main navigation ‘Products>Building in progress’ and clicking ‘Update’ in the top right corner of your page. You can also use a direct URL{{your-product-name}}.

Will I be able to use Ship for the remainder of my monthly/annual subscription?

Yes. Ship will be available to existing users and they will have the option to renew their membership until further notice. New sign-ups will no longer be accepted.

Is there an alternative option to Ship?

Currently, you can create a teaser for a scheduled launch up to 30 days in advance. This teaser will live as a banner on your Product Hub, and it will be listed in the Coming Soon feed. Both are designed to help you build a waitlist for an upcoming launch. Many other benefits can be claimed through Marketplace Pro (like AWS credits).

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