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Golden Kitty Awards 2022
What are the categories for this year's Golden Kitty Awards?
What are the categories for this year's Golden Kitty Awards?
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  1. Product of the Year: The “it” product of the year. The products in this category had the greatest impact on your stack and the tech community in 2022.

  2. Productivity: The products that helped you get it done this year by helping manage time and tasks more efficiently.

  3. Developer tools: With products in this category coding will never be the same, from code editors to debugging tools, version control systems, and more.

  4. Design tools: These tools were sharp enough to land on the desktop of seasoned creatives, or simple enough to help the non-techies make art.

  5. SaaS: CRMs, ERP systems, project management, sales, and marketing software — it might not sound sexy, but SaaS like this makes the world go round.

  6. AI: In a breakout year for artificial intelligence, these products applied AI models and concepts to our world and our devices so spectacularly that we questioned our future.

  7. Community & Social: The products in this category helped us most in connecting and communicating with others this year.

  8. Web3: These blockchain-supported products brought sound ideas to the web3 space and convinced us, despite the dips, that WAGMI.

  9. Mobile app: These products made into the “most used” apps list on your phone or tablet this year (even if you used them on desktop sometimes too).

  10. Data & Analytics: From number crunching to visualizations, the products in this category make data more accessible.

  11. No code: You can build apps, websites, and beyond without writing a single line of code and these newcomers are the best to help you do it.

  12. Fintech: “Financial services” might seem boring, but if we’re being honest this tech that makes banking, investment, and payments easy is thrilling.

  13. Education: The products in this category help people learn and develop new skills. After you vote, go thank an educator who does the same.

  14. Remote work: Remote work couldn’t happen without remote-supportive products, and these ones are changing the way teams collaborate and communicate.

  15. Health & fitness: From apps to wearables, these products help people track and improve their health and fitness.

  16. E-commerce: The products in this category enable people to sell their products and services online.

  17. Privacy focussed: Privacy is the priority for these apps and tools, whether its to provide security for your personal data or to help companies build their tools in a safe way.

  18. Creator Economy: With these tools, creators such as artists, musicians, and writers, are empowered to create and monetize their talents.

  19. Best designed: Nailed it. Let’s recognize the products gave us a beautiful, uncomplicated UI and delivered a killer UX this year.

  20. Most innovative use of technology: The products in this category used technology to solve a problem or meet a need in wonderfully creative and original way.

  21. Most viral: You should know these products. They generated the most buzz and gained viral attention on social media this year.

  22. Bootstrapped & Crowdfunded: No investors, no problem. The products in this category achieved notable success through bootstrapping or crowdfunded campaigns.

  23. Marketing & Sales: From email tools to ad platforms, these products helped products get noticed and sold.

  24. Product demo video: Whether it made you go “lol” or “wow!”, this award recognizes outstanding launch videos from the year.

  25. Maker of the Year (no voting): The individuals in this category stood out this year for their creativity, focus, and dedication to building a product or products that impacted the tech community. This award is selected by the Product Hunt team.

  26. Community Member of the Year (no voting): The individuals in this category made notably valuable contributions to the Product Hunt community through helpful comments, discussions, and support. This award is selected by the Product Hunt team.

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