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How do I post a deal on Marketplace?
How do I post a deal on Marketplace?
Written by Jake Crump
Updated over a week ago

โ— Please note, in order to post a deal you must have launched on Product Hunt

Product Hunt makers can use Marketplace to list custom deals for $1,000 a month that encourage new users to try their product.

Steps for posting a deal to Marketplace

  1. Login to your Product Hunt account.

  2. Visit Marketplace and use the dropdown to select the product you'd like to create a deal for (you will only see the products you are a maker of listed here).

  3. Click 'New Deal'.

  4. Fill out all the deal information and click 'Pay & Launch'. Note: your deal image will be auto-generated using the logo image from your Product Hub.

  5. Payment will be processed through Stripe.

Steps to edit your Marketplace deal

  1. You can view and manage all of your Marketplace deals in your Settings.

  2. Or visit your Product Hub settings > Promote tab and click "Create Deal" under Marketplace Deals.

  3. All of your active and inactive deals will be listed here. To edit a deal click 'Edit'. To activate a deal click 'Pay'.

  4. Edit the details of your deal and click 'Update'.

  5. You can cancel any of your deals by going into edit the deal and clicking 'cancel my subscription'. Your subscription will remain live for the remainder of your payment period, unless you choose to remove it immediately.

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