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Ad campaigns
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Ad campaigns

Product Hunt offers many opportunities to grow your user base, drive thought leadership, and engage meaningfully with our community through various types of campaigns and sponsorships. Our global audience is made up of millions of tech enthusiasts who visit Product Hunt every day looking for the best technology products that will help them in their jobs and personal lives.

Self-Serve Web Display Campaigns:

Self-serve web display campaigns are campaigns with a budget of $5,000 - $10,000. Our web display options will place your ad on alternative pages, topic pages, and native ads on the leaderboard.

You can maximize your gains from your launch by running a campaign in the days following your launch to stay top of mind and reach more people. Ads keep your product on the leaderboard and in high-impact spots across our website and app, increasing awareness and encouraging more people to try your product.

Set up your self-serve campaign

Managed campaigns

Best for those that want to incorporate Product Hunt into their regular advertising mix

To incorporate Product Hunt into your marketing strategy as a steady growth channel, Managed campaigns are your best choice. A complimentary consultation with our campaign management team will walk you through all of the options and come up with an ongoing advertising plan and budget that works for your team. This is our most hands-on option with the ability to plan, test, and optimize your campaigns to see the best results. Managed campaigns also offer placements in our daily newsletters that reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Managed campaigns start at $11,000. Monthly budgets are determined by the custom components and goals of your campaign.

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Do I have to have a launch to advertise?

  • You can run an ad without having launched on Product Hunt through a Basic display campaign. Momentum display campaigns and Premium campaigns are reserved for products that have their product listed on Product Hunt.

Do I have to pay to launch?

  • No. Launching on Product Hunt is free. Advertising before or after your launch is an option to extend your reach, but not required.

What other advertising options do you offer?

  • We offer several different options to sponsor our newsletters, events, and discussions on Product Hunt. These are great ways to demonstrate thought leadership and build your brand reputation. To learn more about these options, check out our advertising page.

Can I update my ad after it’s live?

  • For self-serve campaigns, once your ad is set up and live it can not be adjusted. For Managed campaigns, you can work with your campaign manager to optimize mid-campaign.

Can I run a campaign on my launch day?

  • No. Advertising during a launch is not permitted because we do not allow ads to influence the overall leaderboard ranking and Product of the Day awards to protect the integrity of the community vote.

What are the advertising guidelines?

  • The strength of our ads comes from looking native on the site. Please follow the guidelines below to help your ad get approved quickly.

    • Product Name: This field can only be used for your product or company name. Please do not add any additional text to this field.

    • Tagline: This should explain the what, why & how of your product and/or service. Excessive capitalization and punctuation aren't allowed.

    • Ad URL: This can be a tracked or custom link. Do not include the "https" in your link.

What happens after I complete the form?

  • Our advertising operations team will review the ad unit within 24 hours and once approved your ad will start running. If we need additional information, our team will reach out to the email on your Product Hunt account. In the event that your ad is rejected, the charge will be reversed.

Why was my ad rejected?

  • Some examples of why your ad may have been rejected include:

    • Goes against community guidelines (e.g. promoting violence, gambling, discrimination, or sexually explicit).

    • The product name field contains information other than the name of the product or service you're promoting.

    • The tagline doesn't accurately reflect what the product does.

    • The link doesn't work or lead to the product being advertised.

Can I get a refund on my campaign?

You are able to get a refund on your campaign before it starts or for any undelivered set of impressions. If you need to cancel your campaign after it has started, please email

What are some examples of the leaderboard, alternatives, and topics page ads?

Leaderboard ads

Topics page ads

Alternatives page ads

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