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How to post a product
How to post a product

Information and tips for posting your product

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To post a product on Product Hunt, you'll need a personal account. Newly created accounts will need to complete the onboarding process before gaining access to post. This is a great time to familiarize yourself with Product Hunt and prepare for your launch!

Feel free to post your own product! It's not necessary to have someone else post it for you. In fact, posting it yourself gives you full control over the launch.

After logging in, click the "Post" button in the top right and submit the product's URL to begin. Throughout the posting process, you will be able to see a preview of what the various aspects of the post will look like. Each post should include the:

  • URL - Direct link to the product page (avoid links to press or blogs) as the primary link and then app store links. You can add social links separately after submitting the post.

  • Name of the product - Only the product's name, no description or emojis (unless it is a part of the name) in this part.

  • Tagline - Very short description of the product (make it catchy!)

  • Topics - It's best to include only a few that most strongly relate to the product.

  • Download link - If the product has additional links such as to the App Store, Google Play, etc. you can add them here.

  • Thumbnail - It is best to use an image with square dimensions. We recommend 240x240. You can use a GIF for your thumbnail, but it will need to be under 3MB and not too 'flashy'. GIFs will only animate while hovering over a post. GIFs with strobing effects, quick cuts, unreadable text, etc. are not recommended and may be edited by the Product Hunt team.

  • Pricing tag - The community needs to be better informed about the price of your product. Broadly, the three options are: free, paid, and paid (with a free trial or plan). Select the option that correctly describes your product's pricing status.

  • Status - If the product is still in beta, or not fully released yet, you can select the option to indicate that it is not available yet.

  • Gallery - The recommended size for images in the gallery is 1270x760. You can upload multiple images to the gallery at once. Once the images have been uploaded, you can also drag and drop to re-order them. The gallery will need 2+ images before it is viewable. 

  • YouTube video - For videos, only YouTube links are supported. We recommend uploading your YouTube video ahead of your launch and confirming that it is not set to private. This ensures it will be added correctly to the gallery. They will also need to be the full URL. Shorted links will not load.

  • Interactive Story or Demo - ScreenSpace lets you create simple, choose-your-own-adventure “Stories” that help customers understand complex products. Visit ScreenSpace to build one. They work great for demos, case studies, roadmap, and more. See it in action here. When you’re done, generate your unique Product Hunt link. This link can be added to your gallery (similar to a YouTube link) for free when you’re submitting your product for launch.

  • Description - This is where you can give more information about what the product is and/or does within 260 characters.

  • Promo - If you'd like to offer a promo code for the Product Hunt community, you can add it here.

  • Makers - You can select the option to include yourself as a maker during the posting process. Be sure to add the makers by their Product Hunt username so they can join the conversation!

  • Product's Twitter account - If you have a branded/company Twitter account for the product, you can add in a link to that account here.

  • First comment - Be sure to kick off the conversation with a comment about the product!

  • Launch/Schedule - If you're ready for the post to go live right away, you can select the 'Launch Now' option. The site operates on PST so your post will go live on the site according to PST. You can find more information about the scheduling option here.

If the product hasn't been submitted before and meets the community guidelines, you will be highlighted as the hunter for that product.

Please note: The Hunter's followers do not receive e-mail notifications of the post. They used to, but they have not for several years now. The Maker's followers will receive an e-mail notification if the post ends up on the homepage.

Feel free to share a direct link to the post on social media to let others know about the product.

You can find more tips in our launch guide.

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