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How can I get access to post?
How can I get access to post?

Listing / posting your product

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NOTE: If you've been redirected here from the homepage after clicking the 'Submit' button, your account does not have access to post yet. Please continue reading to learn how you can gain access to post.

Anyone who creates a personal account (no company/branded accounts please!) on Product Hunt can post a product by selecting the 'Submit' button on the top right of the page.

If you've just created an account, you will need to wait 1 week before you're able to post a product. We encourage you to explore and interact with the Product Hunt community before posting to ensure that you're best prepared for your launch!

Alternatively, if you're ready to post right away, you can subscribe to our newsletter to get immediate access.

If you're using a company/branded account, you will not have access to post. We ask that you please create a personal account for posting and commenting.

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