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How do I create a teaser for my launch?
How do I create a teaser for my launch?

Showcase your product launch early by creating a teaser

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Scheduling your launch ahead of time now provides the additional benefit of teasing your launch by showcasing a sneak peek of your product on our main page. Teasers are added visibility to further support our Makers throughout their launch journey.

From the Coming Soon feed anyone on the site will be able to click 'Notify me' to be the first to find out when launches go live. If you would like your launch to be listed, schedule it in advance, and create a teaser - it's free!

To create a teaser for your launch:

  1. Post and schedule your launch.

  2. Navigate to your scheduled launch in My Products.

  3. If you haven't claimed your Hub or if this is your first launch, you will see a pop-up asking you to 'Request team access'. Click this and complete the verification process. You can find more information on claiming your Hub here.

  4. If you already have access to your Hub, or once your Hub claim is approved, refresh My Products, and a new button "Tease launch" will appear next to your scheduled launch. Click this button.

  5. Continue and fill out the information on the teaser including the title, description, and image and click 'Submit banner.'

    1. NOTE: We strongly recommend using an image without text (or limited text) to see the best results.

Congrats! There will be a short delay while your banner is approved, and then you'll be able to view your banner on your Product Hub and in the Coming Soon feed.

Can I have someone hunt my launch and still create a teaser?

Yes. First, you need the person hunting your product to submit and schedule the launch with you added as a maker. Once you're added as the maker, you can schedule the teaser from your products page.

Can a Hunter create a teaser for me?

Only Hub owners and team members can create teasers. Hunters can create a teaser if they are invited as team members of the Hub. Team members have control over Hub details and can invite/accept requests from new hub members*. As mentioned above, if you have not claimed your Hub or are not part of the Hub team, it will require that you first complete that process before being allowed to create a teaser.

Can I edit my banner?

Banners can be edited from the Hubs settings page. They can also be edited by hovering over your profile on the right hand side of the Product Hunt page and clicking on "My products". On that page you will see a list of past and scheduled launches. To make changes click on "edit banner" on the desired launch and then click "submit changes"

Do I have to finalize my launch prior to teasing it?

Yes, launches need to be completed and scheduled before you are eligible to create a teaser

What kind of creative should I use on my banner?

Image dimensions needed for the banner are 2:1 h:w for desktop, and for 1:1 h:w for mobile. We do not recommend using text on images.

How is this different than Ship?

Teasers are a new and free way to showcase your scheduled launches and gain new followers to be notified when you launch. Teasers are shown in the “coming soon” page while Ship promotions are shown in the “upcoming products” page. In addition, while teasers are free, Ship is a paid subscription that comes with additional features such as the ability to create a landing page, gather subscribers, and more. Teasers also have a limited time span as they can only be created for scheduled launches and are only live from the time you schedule your launch, until the time you launch goes live. Ship promotion on the other hand can be ongoing, depending on the goals of the Maker.

Can I see who has signed up to be notified?

While a short preview can be seen, at this moment we do not provide a full list of everyone who signs up to be notified.

How and when are followers notified?

Followers of your teaser (those who clicked on "notify me") will be notified when your launch goes live. An email will be sent to both these new followers of the teaser, as well as the Maker's followers. Note: A Hunter's following will only be notified if the Hunter is also a Maker of the product

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