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How to add a category to a product
How to add a category to a product
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Categories describe what your product is or does. They are a set taxonomy that helps users discover your product by searching for a specific problem they want to solve. For that reason, it benefits makers to add up to 3 categories that best describe their product.

There are a few ways to add categories depending on where you are in your Product Hunt journey.

Launching for the first time?

Adding a category will be as simple as completing the launch submission process. On the first page of this workflow (Main Info tab), you'll notice there's a place to add up to 3 categories. Those categories will be tied to your product once you select them and publish your launch.

Have an existing product to update?

If you have an existing product you've already launched before, you will not see this section on the launch submission anymore, and instead have to make the edit from your Hub settings page.

To navigate to your Hub settings:

  1. Click "Manage" on the product you want to update in the far left panel. If you need to claim your Hub read these step-by-step instructions.

  2. In the Hub Settings tab, you will see a section where you can edit your categories.

  3. Make sure to save your changes.

Want to add a category but nothing fits?

Categories will constantly need to expand to accurately describe new products that are created over time. If you have a suggestion, submit an entry through our form.

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